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the 1930

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Get to Know Our 1930 Ambassadors

Become an Influencer

ignite her passion to

transform the world.

The 1930 at Briar Cliff University connects generations of women who make a difference in the world by investing together in the people of Briar Cliff and their transformational work.


Through networking, scholarships, leadership and mentorship, 1930 Influencers will launch a future of boundless opportunities for female students at Briar Cliff University.

"I've meet Influencers with inspiring stories and different backgrounds who are all willing to help me succeed. It's amazing to connect with these ladies, they're helping me become the person I always dreamed of."

Luisa Ramirez, 1930 Student Ambassador

Students of the 1930

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Empower the Future
of Female Leadership

Briar Cliff University | briarcliff.edu | 3303 Rebecca St. | Sioux City, IA 51104