About the 1930

In 1929, only briar patches covered a 175-foot hill located on the western outskirts of Sioux City.  But two people – Mother Mary Dominica Wieneke, Major Superior of the Sisters of St. Francis, and the Most Reverend Edmond Heelan, Bishop of the Diocese of Sioux City – had a vision. They envisioned that hill crowned with a Catholic college for women. 


On September 18, 1930, Briar Cliff College was dedicated. Today, we honor Mother Dominica and Bishop Heelan’s vision. The 1930 is a community committed to participating in and promoting volunteer and philanthropic leadership at Briar Cliff University. Led by mission-focused women, The 1930 is a place where powerful, knowledgeable and unique voices come together with the goal of inspiring the next generation of female philanthropists and leaders. Together, we can have a greater impact than we can have alone.

Our goal is simple. By 2030, the 100th anniversary of the founding of Briar Cliff University, we aim to celebrate this initiative with 1,930 annual influencers dedicated to supporting female students at Briar Cliff. By becoming an 1930 Influencer, you will join a community committed to a future of boundless opportunities for growth and leadership for our female students.


Like our networking opportunities, mentorship is second nature through The 1930. Just as we give to students and organizations, our members work with others in different ages, careers, and backgrounds to learn and grow both personally and professionally.


Different backgrounds, shared purpose. The 1930 Influencers represent a variety of ages, personal interests, and life stories, which allows Influencers to meet women from a breadth of experiences.


In addition to making an impact through group giving, Influencers in The 1930 are offered a variety of leadership opportunities within a vibrant group of peers. Members of this group lend their time and talent to guide the mission and vision of women for Briar Cliff University.


In addition to supporting exemplary causes, each year we help fund the education of deserving young women studying at Briar Cliff University. We honor recipients at our annual awards ceremony and invite them to join us for events throughout the year to continue supporting their social and academic success.

Because of you, we can provide opportunities for our

female students to grow, excel, and succeed.

the Difference women

Can Make together

The 1930 at Briar Cliff University connects generations of women who want to transform the future for female students. As part of the vibrant life of the university, members meet faculty leading their fields and connect with other women to change lives.


Make your Mark

Becoming a 1930 Influencer is easy. By donating $100 or more, you can support women's leadership and empowerment initiatives at Briar Cliff University.

Become a 1930 Influencer today. 

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