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Goal Setter

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

No matter how far away from home her future career in physical therapy takes her, there’s no doubt Sierra Chapman will hear her mother’s voice guiding her.

Sierra Chapman | Doctorate of Physical Therapy '2019 | Springfield, Illinois

The 2nd year doctorate of physical therapy student credits her mom for not only allowing Sierra to choose her own path in life but for instilling a strong desire to succeed. It’s something Sierra looks forward to inspiring her patients to do as well.

“Growing up, I was never told that I had to get good grades or told what I needed to do with my life. Instead, my mom guided me in a way that instilled a desire to succeed,” says Sierra. “I think this allowed me to create discipline for myself. My passion is to inspire people to reach their goals, one of the many reasons I chose a career in physical therapy.”

Sierra also knows the far reaching impact successful physical therapy can have on not only the patient but their support network.

“I have seen the impact physical therapy has on the family and friends of the patient undergoing rehabilitation. I wanted to pursue physical therapy because I have the ability to impact the lives of an entire family or even a community through one physical therapy patient. I aspire to be a leader and mentor who inspires others to reach their goals.”


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