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Living Fearlessly in Faith

Caitlin Bauer views obstacles as opportunities for self-growth.

Caitlin Bauer | Social Work '20 | Brighton, CO

Tenacious is the perfect word to describe this future Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Although Bauer is no stranger to hardships, she has never let it slow her down. Using her Briar Cliff education and life experiences, Bauer would like to help children who have been through trauma, abuse or neglect through equine psychotherapy.

Equine psychotherapy involves treatment activities with horses and other equines to promote human physical and mental health.

“I have always loved horses,” Caitlin says. “I understand the great healing power horses can have, and I also understand the struggles there are for children who have been through trauma, abuse or neglect.”

With the support of her family and friends, Caitlin lives her life fearlessly and has never let any of the obstacles in her life stop or slow her down.


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