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Moving Mountains

Jaqueline Ramos, a bi-lingual powerhouse is no stranger to hard work and new places.

Jaqueline Ramos | Spanish & History '22 | Denison, Iowa & Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Jaqueline has translated for her parents and many other people when they meet with their immigration lawyers to start the process of applying for US citizenship. Her dream is to find a job in the Air Force that allows her to travel around the world and continue helping immigrants or people who face injustices. It is those experiences and her loyal, selfless personality that will make an ideal Air Force recruit.

Jaqueline values family above all else. “Everything I do is for the people that I care about. I make sure that I give everything I can to them, because they motivate me to do my best,” she says.

With a mother from Italy and a father from Mexico, Jaqueline has lived in more than six different countries in her lifetime. Since Jaqueline has already faced many transitions and challenges in her life, she is determined to do what she can to assist in making the immigrant and citizenship processes easier for people moving forward.


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