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New Girl

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Very little fazes Viviane Hemedi.

Viviane Hemedi | Chemistry '20 | Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Growing up, Viviane was sent from her home in the Democratic Republic of Congo to South Africa to learn another language. That journey was only the beginning of her story. Another educational opportunity in the United States took Viviane even further away from home and her loved ones including her mom.

“Throughout my years of moving and always being the new girl, adventures and challenges don’t scare me anymore,” says Viviane. “The greatest lesson my mother taught me was to cast my cares on God, walk away and trust that he will do what is best.”

With faith on her side, Viviane is pursuing her dreams of becoming a chemist. The Briar Cliff chemistry major and multi-linguist – she can speak French, English and her country’s native Lingala – is actively involved on campus and passionate about empowering others to achieve their goals in life, no matter the challenges before them.

“Sometimes people need a push in life to get through an obstacle. They need a boost,” adds Viviane. “I am a strong believer you can indeed do anything you set your mind to and exceed your own expectations with God on your side.”


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