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For Grandma

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Olivia Eckels' realization that she wanted to pursue a nursing career may have come as a surprise to her, but it did not shock anyone else in her family.

Olivia Eckels | Nursing '22 | Afton, IA

"My family told me all along they knew I would become a nurse. I just didn't realize it until I got to Briar Cliff," says Olivia who, along with her sister, spent hours with their grandma Sandy on her grandparents' farm.

Her grandma Sandy had dreams of becoming a nurse one day but never pursued those dreams out of concern that she would fail. Though her grandma passed away of leukemia when Olivia was only seven, she never forgot her grandma's dream.

"My grandma was happy all of the time. She made me the woman I am today," says Olivia. "My passion in life is to be genuinely happy and make those around me feel the same way. I want to make everyone around me, including my patients, feel that happiness which is radiating off of me."


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